danger of Mobile phones помогите пж
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Vseznayshii2009 2 года назад
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Most of people use mobile phones. Mobile phone was created to call somebody, but now people use it to play VG or watch Youtube. Who the hell thought that create SmartPhone is good Idea.

Phone has Minuses and pluses.

First minus is hearting to our eyeses.If we will watch phone a lot, we will low our eye sight.

The second minus is agressive behavior. When we seat in phone a lot it affect to our psyhology. We become very agressive because of a wish to watch phone more.

First plus is Comfort to Carring over the phone everywhere. We can carry over it in our pockets.

The second plus is Internet. We can Use Chrome In phone and find information quiqly.

Phone Is Helpful and Bad for us. We need learn how to use phone only in pluses.


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