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Imagine you are looking for a train station and ask a passerby to show a way. Write a dialogue asking for directions; Criteria: - use phrases to give directions: go up/down/past/through...., turn left/right....., it\'s on your right/left ..., it\'s near/next to/ in front of/ opposite/between/behind .... etc; - use phrases to ask for directions: Where\'s the .....?/ How do I get to .....?/ Could you tell me how to get to.....?; - make up a dialogue correctly using at least 30 - 40 words. *
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kausardauletbaeova 3 года назад
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You: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the train station?

Man: Yes, sure. It is easy. You need go straight ahead and turn right at the end of this street.

You: At the traffic lights?

Man: Yes. You should cross the road at the end of this street.

You: ok, I understand.

Man: You`ll see the supermarket opposite the train station.

You: OK, thank you for your explanation.  


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