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Read the text about a new building in Saudi Arabia. Which paragraph A–F contains the following information? Write the correct letter. There is one paragraph that you don’t need.
1 some of the challenges the building project has to deal with _
2 a reason for choosing to deal with a certain company _
3 an advantage the building project will bring to the country _
4 the period of time needed for the building project _
5 different services that the building will offer _
The Kingdom Tower
A Work has just started on the new Kingdom Tower in the coastal city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its developers say it will be the tallest building in the world when it has been completed. Not only that, the Tower will also have the world’s fastest and highest double-decker elevator. The building is expected to take five years to complete and will be ready by 2019 at the latest.
B The idea behind the project belongs to a member of the Saudi royal family, Prince Al Waleed bin Talal. The Prince’s dream is that the project will bring Saudi Arabia, especially Jeddah, to the world’s attention and improve international business as a result. He also hopes that the project will provide hundreds of jobs for the people of Saudi Arabia.
C The Kingdom Tower will measure 1 km. This is 173 metres taller than the current world record holder, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa standing at 827 metres, and four times taller than The Shard in London, which is currently the tallest building in Western Europe. It is estimated that the building will cost $1.23 billion, using approximately 530,000 square metres of concrete and 80,000 tonnes of steel for its 200 floors. It will have a five-star hotel, apartments, office space and an observatory – a room from where people can watch the planets and stars – as well as amazing views of the Red Sea.
D The Jeddah Economic Company (JEC), which is responsible for building the Kingdom Tower, says the building will have a total of 59 elevators, including five that are double. These have a travel speed of over 10 metres per second and will take visitors to the observatory. Speaking for JEC, Mounib Hammoud said they plan to work with elevator company Kone because they have the best technology in the business. This means that elevators can travel to heights that are twice the distance that was previously possible, while still being environmentally friendly.
E However, building a tower of this height is not simple. Because it is near the salt water of the sea, it is extremely important that the correct building materials are used. Wind can also be a problem for such a tall building, but the architects have found a solution. One of them, Gordon Gill, explains that ‘because it changes shape every few floors, the wind loads go round the building and won’t be as extreme as on a solid block.’
F A special team of technical consultants has also been employed on the project. The Advanced Construction Technology Services Company are involved in testing the materials needed to build the tower.

Complete the notes with a word from the text. Write no more than two words and/or
a number in each gap.
The Kingdom Tower – Jeddah
• It will be the world’s tallest building.
• The building will be 1__________ high.
• Materials such as concrete and 2__________ will be used in the building.
• People will be able to see the 3__________ from the building and the planets and stars at night.
• The building will have a hotel and apartments.
• A small number of the lifts in the building will be 4__________ in size.
•Some lifts in the Tower will move at ten metres 5__________.

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