Il Grammar: test. Choose the correct option; 1 Find uncountable nouns;

a) flowers b) instruments c) news

2 keep up means…

a) continue despite difficulties b) continue traditions c) continue difficulties

3 People who has a good relationship …nature.

a) for b)of c) with

4 My sister, …husband is French, speaks English very well.

a) Whose b) whom c) who

5 Carry off means…

a) Do instruction b) win c) continue

6 what type of adverb? I have never late.

a) Degree b) frequency c) manner

7 take to means…

a) To be like sb b) to like c) to start

8 I don\'t like … of the dessert on the menu.

a) Either b) none c) neither

9 Choose the correct reported speech. \"Don\'t touch the screen\" the sales assistant said to us.

a) The sales assistant warned us not to touch the screen

b) The sales assistant warned us no touch the screen

c) The sales assistant warned us not touch the screen

10 My father is away …business in the USA.

a) With b) of c) on

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1) news








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