Write an email to Mary giving her some advice about her dinner party. Write 100150 words. Follow the plan.


Para 1: Greetings (It\'s great.... I\'m sure ....) Para 2: Describing what to prepare.... ingredients and cooking method (First you need.... Then, .... For dessert,

Para 3: Extra suggestions, closing remarks

( You can change.... Write back...)

Best wishes,

(Your first name)

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Hi Mary,

How are you ?The reason i am writing to you is that i want to help you.İ am sure my help you.İ think,it's great that i want to help you.

İ think you can bake a potato pancake to plaese all your friends.

Recipe for potato pancakes:

500 g of peeled potatoes,

2 tablespoons of flour,

1 onion,

1 egg,

2 tablespoons of oil,

2-3 tablespoons of milk,

Salt(about ¾ of a teaspoon)



Grate potatoes and give the mass a good squeeze.

Put potatoes into the large bowl, add an onion, egg, flour, salt, milk, oil and pepper.Heat some oil in the frying pan.Put some potato mass onto the frying pan with the tablespoon. Fry draniki for 2-3 minutes, then flip then and fry on the other side.Serve hot with sour cream.Then,You can bake a cake for dessert.

I think I helped you.

Best wishes,

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