Read the text about yoga. Decide if the sentences are True,
False or Not given.
My yoga classes
Every morning I go to yoga classes. Yoga is good start of
the day. It may seem that this is an easy exercise, but it is not.
Yoga is a very difficult exercise. To do it you need to have very
strong arms and legs. Yoga is good not only for the body, but
also, for the mind. We do exercises next to the pond in the park.
It\'s very relaxing. We listen to the sounds of nature. Yoga also
teaches you how to balance your body. I met good friends here
and we sometimes meet after school. I really like our yoga
teacher. She always helps us when we can\'t do a new exercise.
1. The speaker does yoga in the morning before school.
2. The speaker thinks that yoga is difficult.
3. For yoga you don\'t need to be strong.
4. The speaker does yoga in the gym.
s. Before doing yoga, you need to do exercises to warm up
your muscles.​
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zafar9797za 2 года назад
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1-Not given 2-True 3-False 4-False 5-Not given



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Danielar 2 года назад
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1 - N

2 - T

3 - F

4 - F

5 - N

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