Rewrite the following sentences using Passive voice. Write down full sentences.

They pay her $500 compensation.
Don’t you know they have cancelled the game?
Thieves stole an enormous amount of money.
They believe it was all fake.
Our boss sacks somebody every day.
People saw the mayor in a nightclub.
They had kept our pets until we arrived.
They charged the demonstrators with disturbing the peace.
The refugees are receiving aid.
I told him to be quiet.
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1. She was paid $500 compensation by them.

2. Don't you know the game has been concealed by them?

3. Enormous amount of money was stolen by thieves.

4. It was believed to be all fake by them.

5. Somebody is sacked by our boss everyday.

6. The mayor was seen in a nightclub by people.

7. Our pets had been kept by them until we arrived.

8. The demonstrators were charged with disturbing the peace( by them.)

9. Aid is being received by the refugees.

10. He was told to be quiet by me.

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