43 Is your hair __________ or straight?

A curls B curled C curly D curling

44 __________ United States consists of fifty independent states in a Federation.

A The B — C A D An

45 He is __________ officer in the Royal Air Force.

A the B — C a D an

46 Niagara is the largest waterfall in __________ North America.

A the B — C a D an

47 In fifty years from now, the earth __________ much warmer.

A is B be C will be D is being

48 We __________ to Costa Rica for our holidays next June. I’ve already booked a hotel in San José.

A ’ll go B ’re going C go D went

49 The grass in front of her office __________ for two months!

A hasn’t cut B hasn’t been cut C didn’t cut D not cut

50 She went to the salon __________.

A to make her hair cut B to be her hair cut C to do her hair cut D to get her hair cut

51 The thief __________ by a security guard.

A was watching B was be watched C was been watched D was being watched

52 All the children __________ presents by their parents.

A give B were giving C gave D were given

53 I __________ of spiders.

A frighten B am frightened C am frightening D frightened

54 She hurt __________ when she was sky diving.

A herself B itself C himself D myself

55 They love __________ very much and they are going to get married.

A others B themselves C himself D each other

56 “I’d like to introduce __________. My name is Kate James.”

A myself B yourself C me D ourselves

57 You look very tired. __________ you been working too hard?

A Did B Was C Have D Are

58 I __________ Oliver Twist for two weeks but I haven’t finished it yet.

A ’ve read B ’ve been reading C read D ’m reading

59 In the evenings, we used to sit around the piano and our mother __________ our favourite songs.

A played B would play C plays D will play

60 When I got back, I saw that my sister __________ all the chocolates! The box was empty!

A had eaten B has eaten C ate D eats

61 I couldn’t take any pictures because I __________ my camera in my car.

A ’d left B ‘m leaving C to leave D ’ve left

62 I’d make you some tea but I forgot __________ some tea bags

A to buy B bought C buying D buy

63 I wish I __________ understand Arabic!

A could B would C able D can

64 __________ she is only 13, she is an expert pianist and has played with orchestras on TV!

A Because B Although C Despite D Even

65 Don’t stop __________ you have finished the test!

A from B since C until D to

66 They wanted to know how heavy I __________ so they weighed me.

A have B have been C had D was

67 How long __________ in Colombia? – Almost two years, now.

A are you living B have you been living C will you be living D did you live

68 At the job interview, they asked me where I __________ for the last two years.

A work B ‘ll work C had been working D ’m working

69 The doctor asked me what I __________ when I cut my leg.

A doing B had been doing C have been doing D ‘m going to do

70 Mrs Francis said she __________ help me with sewing.

A would B need C ought D is able

71 She told me that she __________ her car when she was driving to the shops.

A was crashing B had been crashed C had to crash D had crashed

72 He wouldn’t have become a successful lawyer if he __________ hard at school and passed his exams.

A hadn’t worked B had worked C didn’t work D worked

73 She __________ a great violinist if she hadn’t had the accident.

A will have been B will be C had to be D would have been

74 If I hadn’t got married when I was eighteen, I __________ to college to become a vet.

A ’d go B ’d have gone C ‘ll go D was going

75 She … write her name until she was twelve __________.

A can’t B couldn’t C hadn’t D isn’t

76 It was a cool day when they returned, so they __________ switch on the air conditioning.

A had to B weren’t able to C can’t D didn’t have to

77 Simon hates everything. He must be very __________.

A cheerful B comfortable C miserable D positive

78 That __________ Tom Cruise — not in this small town!

A mustn’t be B mightn’t be C can’t be D shouldn’t be

79 Don’t forget to take an umbrella. It __________ rain!

A must B can C ought D may

80 I feel so sleepy! I __________ such a big lunch!

A mustn’t have eaten B shouldn’t have eaten

C wouldn’t have eaten D couldn’t have eaten

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